Pregnancy Tips That Will Make You More Comfortable In Your First Trimester

pregnancy tips

The first trimester of pregnancy can be really stressful, especially if you’re a first-time mom. Luckily we have some pregnancy tips to help you relax and really enjoy pregnancy. Now waiting for your sweet bundle of joy doesn’t have to be stressful.

Try these pregnancy tips to make you more comfortable in your first trimester

1. Take folic acid supplements daily

Folic acid protects your baby from health issues and helps it develop properly. Also, take vitamin D and pregnancy multivitamins to keep you and your baby healthy.

2. Take a lot of naps

Nap on the weekends, when you get home from work, and on your lunch break at work. Napping constantly keeps your baby settled and keeps you rested. It can also reduce the occurrence of nausea.

pregnancy tips

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3. Eat a balanced diet

You need to eat a properly balanced diet to help you and your baby stay healthy during pregnancy. So even when you’re having cravings, try to make sure you’re craving healthy.

4. Put your feet up

As often as you can, put your feet up and let your legs and ankles rest. Get as much leg and back massage as possible and generally try to pamper yourself.

5. Check with your doctor often

Asides your general checkups, check with your doctor before taking any supplements or medications to make sure they’re safe for you and the baby.

6. Reduce your caffeine intake

Cut back on coffee and soda drinks as much as possible. Try not to take more than 200mg of caffeine daily, so limit yourself to just a cup of coffee daily or just a little soda.

7. Get help

As much as possible try to rest, avoid excessive cleaning or stressful chores. Get your partner or friend to help out around the house.

pregnancy tips

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8. Eat little portions often

If you suffer from nausea during your first trimester, limit your food portions. Eat just a little portion of food at a time, but eat often. This will also help with maintaining your weight if you need to lose or gain some weight for your baby.

9. Learn things to watch out for

Ask your doctor for specific foods, exercises or activities to stay away from while you’re pregnant and stick to them. Your baby will thank you for it.

10. Exercises

Ask your doctor about exercises for first-trimester pregnant moms and do them as recommended.

Also, make sure you’ve crossed all these items on your pregnancy checklist before you go into labour.

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