15 ridiculous laws that can get you arrested when you travel abroad

15 ridiculous laws that can get you arrested in a foreign country

Every country has its rules and as silly as they might seem, stranger arrests have happened.

Some of these hot travel destinations are not all fun and games. Here are 15 ridiculous laws that can get you arrested when you travel abroad.

We’re here to give you a heads up as many of these laws might seem funny but they are as real as they get.

1. Spitting on a footpath

In Nairobi, Kenya, spitting or blowing your nose on any footpath in public is illegal, except in a suitable cloth or tissue. It is also against the law to pick your nose in public.

2. Smoking in a public place


In Ukraine, smoking or drinking in a public place is illegal. Public transports, bus stops, parks, government establishments, etc. count as public places so be careful.

3. Chewing gum

In 1992, chewing gum was banned, hence the selling of gum also became illegal in Singapore. Defaulters can pay up to $100,000 in fines or face up to 2 years in jail time. The only exceptions to the rule are those chewing dental, therapeutic or nicotine gums, bought from authorised medical personnel.

4. Crossing the road


Jaywalking, the act of crossing the road when the traffic light says you can’t, is a criminal offence in America. So have your $1 ready if you plan on jaywalking.

5. Connecting to someone else’s wifi

Doesn’t matter if you are a Crazy Rich Asian, using someone else’s wifi is considered hacking in Singapore, which can attract from $10,000 to three years of jail.

6. Having sex outside marriage

In many parts of the United Arab Emirates, tourists have been arrested and charged with sex outside marriage. In fact, Travel advice for the UAE countries in question states “it’s against the law to live together, or to share the same hotel room, with someone of the opposite sex to whom you aren’t married or closely related”, and anyone found guilty of doing so runs the risk of prosecution, imprisonment and/or a fine, and deportation.

7. Frowning

Here comes the fun police… but the other way round! It is absolutely against the law in Milan, Italy, to be found not smiling. It is actually a very ancient law which stuck and was never overturned. The only people exempt from this law are people at funerals and people in hospitals.

8. Cussing

Travelling to Australia anytime soon? Popular tourist locations such as Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, could dish out jail time up to six months for swearing and offensive language and you will be tried without a jury.

Also, in the United Arab Emirates, making rude gestures offline and online could result in offenders being jailed or deported.

9. Drinking alcohol


Thailand is one of the hottest travel destinations for 2018. However, it is illegal to purchase alcohol in the country between midnight to 11am and between 2pm and 5pm. Outside those times, you can carry on drinking as usual.

10. Flushing the toilet at night

Did you know flushing the toilet after 10pm is considered noise pollution in Switzerland? Well, now you do.

11. Wearing a bikini outside the beach

This is one of the many things not to do in Morocco. Religion influences culture, especially in Islamic countries. In such countries, stick to the cultural and religious norms by dressing fairly conservative. However, in Spanish regions such as Barcelona, it is outlawed for tourists to walk around the streets in bikinis.

12. Wearing camo

This is a common rule, in many parts of Africa for example. However, in Barbados and many parts of the Caribbeans, wearing camouflage colours is seen as a dangerous crime to help prevention of impersonation of military personnel. See how not to dress when on an African Safari.

13. Vaping

Vaping is the trendy inhaling and exhaling of vapour from an e-cigarette. Not sure why it is not allowed in Thailand, but it is very advisable not to carry any form of vapouriser into the country as they can either be confiscated or you can get fined or prison time up to 10 years.

14. Having certain tattoos

In certain areas, respect for religion is taken very seriously. In Buddhist areas such as Sri Lanka, mistreatment of Buddhist images and artefacts is seriously frowned upon. So, having a tattoo of Buddha or related might get you a range of penalties, from refusal of entry to deportation.

15. Singing at night

In some countries such as Honolulu, Hawaii, singing karaoke at wee hours, or even after sunset is absolutely not allowed.